Vanderbilt Law School debate on the Death penalty

Vanderbilt Law School debate on the Death penalty Essay example
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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Death Penalty Death penalty denotes the extreme means of punishing convicts, which has culminated massive controversy. Convicts that are executed are deemed violent and likely to commit crimes in prison or when out of prison. Death penalty is a severe measure, which various activists have opposed.


Owing to the above details provided, the opponent of death penalty, Dr. Ken Haas, was more convincing in his argument (Haas and Marquis). Death penalty is not only about liberal or conservative politics but also about the moral choices of this nation. This dispels any notion that the death penalty debate is about conservative and liberal politics. The proponent of the death penalty elaborates that this form of punishment should only be utilized on the most heinous criminals. As such, most murder convicts would not face execution since the majority would not repeat their actions. Convicts such Mohamed who repeatedly killed innocent civilians should face such severe punishment. This is because they have proved clearly that they had the intent to commit the crime repeatedly. On a moral basis, this punishment is unacceptable owing to the sacred nature of life. However, the proponent reveals that this severe disciplinary measure has a deterrent effect on criminals. According to the research cited, it reveals that the penalty saves hundred of innocent civilians. Overall, this punishment is immoral, but the justice system should have this option owing to some extreme scenarios that require measures. The death penalty is inappropriate but a legal necessity (Haas and Marquis). Death penalty has caused a lot of controversy even among judges. ...
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