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Philo 110 2nd midterm

Most motorists believe that the majority of speed limits set by the Congress are usually below the average speed of traffic. The Congress usually set recommendable speed limits, on the federal highways, in order to protect innocent people from perishing in road accidents since every highway death is a regrettable death. Therefore, the key purpose of setting higher speed limits of 55 miles per hour is not to kill innocent citizens, but to provide a reasonable balance between convenience and safety. However, even with the set speed limits, people usually fall victims of highway accidents on a daily basis. Therefore, if Congress is aware that its set speed limits still leads to increased highway accidents and death, then it should be considered as a murder. Likewise, there is no need, for the Congress, to set speed limit at 45 miles per hour since it will not reduce road accidents with any significant amount, but it will only increase a driver’s violation of speed limit. I, therefore, agree with Lackey that such an action should be perceived as murder, and Congress should adopt more comprehensive actions to address this problem effectively. ...
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Philo 110 2nd Midterm Lackey argues that there are many morally acceptable polices, which if adopted, have the effect of killing innocent people. For example, “if the Congress decides to set a speed limit of 55 miles per hour on federal highways, more people will die than if Congress sets the speed limit at 45 miles per hour” (Shaw 319)…
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