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what are the legal and the social standing of women in the early 1800s?

This paper will discuss the legal and the social status that women had during the period of 18th century, especially focusing on the early years of the century. Body The status of women during the 18th century can clearly be understood through the theory of power, dominant and non-dominant class of George M. Fredrickson (Fredrickson, n.d.). According to Fredrickson there is a dominant group that owns and controls all the rights and they do not offer these rights to other individuals of the society and this group thinks that they are superior to other individuals of the society. Similarly women during the 1800s and before were recognized as weak by men as men were the people who formed the elite group and represented the dominant class. During the 1800s men worked in jobs where they were the producers of goods and services and women and their children stayed home. During the 1800s century, the myth was that women were weaker as compared to men and did not have the ability to conduct work that required intellectual and muscular power. This created a view that working in organizations was very hard and the role could only be conducted by women. During this period, the domestic chores such as taking care of home and making food were assigned to women and men were involved in labor that required both mental and physical fitness such as hunting and plowing. ...
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According to Fredrickson there is a dominant group that owns and controls all the rights and they do not offer these rights to other individuals of the society and this group thinks that they are superior to other individuals of the society. …
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