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Name: Instructor: Course Date Ethics and Society Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics is a philosophical text that inquires into the nature of the good life that is bound to be enjoyed by human beings. Aristotle posits that there exists some ultimate good towards which, all human actions in the final analysis, ultimately aim.


In order for one to determine the true nature of human happiness, it is essential to take note of the function of human beings. This is so because an individual’s happiness consists of the fulfillment of the natural function, in the direction towards which his being is focused. The natural function in question should be something that is essential and unique to human beings. The rational part of the soul is as important as the spirited parts. The rational part is what is used to determine an individual’s identity. This translates to mean that the happiness of human beings is depicted in the activity of the soul, whether the spirited part or the rational part. This kind of activity is normally expressed through ethical virtues or rather, it is expressed when one focuses his actions according to reason. Aristotle, in his book says that friendship is defined by the principles of virtue and goodness. When people recognize the virtues in each other, they may become true friends. The nature of friendship is determined by the motive of individuals to become friends in the first place. Real friendship is accompanied by great understanding of each other, and this in turn is a great source of happiness. Every human being loves to feel cared for by another person. ...
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