this is argumentative writing.

this is argumentative writing. Essay example
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Student’s name: Professor’s name: Module title: Module ID: Submission date: Philosophy The present paper aims to analyze the universality of roles and responsibilities associated with both the gender groups in the light of the arguments made by Clark, and Schlafly (2003) on the one hand, and Wasserstrom, Midgley & Hughes, Okin and Bartky on the other.


The study will also seek support from the views contradictory to the ones presented by Clark in order to make a comparative examination of the entire scenario under consideration in order to draw out convincing conclusion subsequently. Since the contemporary era has introduced new division of labor in the wake of the growing responsibilities in almost all cultures of the globe, the critics and analysts also look into various matters by assigning extra obligations to both the genders in order to tackle with the challenges modern life offers to man. Stephen Clark, in the light of the anthropological studies, elucidates the concepts of various types of family set ups, including patriarchic, matriarchic, neo-local, polygamous, polyandrous and monogamous etc (35-36), which seeks their roots in different traditional and conventional cultures of the world at large. Consequently, some cultural traits submit to male dominance in political, social, economic and domestic affairs, while the same supremacy is attributed to females in some societies of ancient, medieval and modern eras at large. Hence, division of labor has always been established divergently in various zones and regions of the world (36). ...
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