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Extreme Negotiations - Essay Example


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Extreme Negotiations

United States military face hard times while in operations around the world for instance Iraq and Pakistan. Mostly, they patrol hot spots in the world, which are risky to differentiate between friends and woes. As a super power, enemies tussle to shake their stronghold, which becomes hard for them. Military leaders engage in “dangerous negotiations” with the enemies. To vanquish in these trials, leaders must have frameworks, practical advises, and tools to counter atrocities whenever they arise for instance ambushes. Extreme negotiations are also applied in businesses whenever risks and stakes are highly unexpected. Business management requires sound decision-making techniques because it is an entity, which needs strong policies. This is more profound in organizations with joint ventures where decisions are mutually consented within the shareholders. Governments in the other hand help in restoring tranquility in the business world where completion is stiff and survival depends on those who can match and abide by the demands. Companies in this regard engage in extreme negotiations with the government for instance taxation policies, infrastructure, employee remuneration, and healthy working conditions.
Principles of Extreme negotiations Every institution has its own principles, which help administrators and CEOs fast track company’s activities. Compared to strategies, principles are easier and flexible to practice. Firstly, negotiators are required to understand what motivates the other

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party. Motivation is a significant process that boosts willingness and participation of a partner. Successful entities give clients, employees and supplies incentives to keep them happy at work. In United States military, the government ensures that the military get a good salary, work- offs modern equipments and allowances. Supplies are motivated by discounts, after sale services and gifts. The help the negotiators know which questions to ask and not to during extreme negotiations. Moreover, negotiations provide possible solutions to problems, which are encountered by the parties. Good negotiators are supposed to criticize themselves and propose immediate solutions, which affect them. Commitment on the agreed issues is fundamental for every individual to attain a fair outcome. Decisions are binding and at times needs strict adherence for smooth running of projects for example a supply should be committed to availing products on time to avoid paralyzing operations. Negotiation agreements are binding, and mostly violators are sanctioned by the law and may end up compensating for damages incurred during the bridge of the agreements. Shaping and changing negotiation process is a principle that calls for changes to out dated and unfavorable negotiation criteria. Extreme negotiation needs a calm and conducive environment free of disturbance and pressure. Negotiation Strategies Strategies are useful in the negotiation table helping both parties agree, which is fair to both parties. Every party has a strategy to avoid being bed ridden by competitors. Business negotiators need to be sharp and conscious when dealing with


High ranked officials in an organization or a department practice extreme negotiations in order to reach an agreement with a client in the best way without coercion. Business executives and managers of firms daily engage in negotiations with clients and suppliers as a practice of resolving various issues affecting operations of entities. …
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Extreme Negotiations essay example
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