Pick a stance on the rights of animals based on Peter Singer's article Famine"

Pick a stance on the rights of animals based on Peter Singer
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Peter Singer and the Morality of Animal Rights This paper will look at Peter Singer’s moral equivalence argument in support of animal rights and draws from his article entitled “Famine, Affluence and Morality1” – demonstrating how the moral prescription underlined in his seminal work also make the case for the inescapability of human rights.


The concept that we try to use to extract an argument for animal rights is the concept introduced by Singer that proximity does not matter. Whilst in this particular case, the proximity spoken of was geographic, .i.e., small child in neighbor’s house vis a vis a Bengali child, the proximity could also be in terms of species. In the logic of Peter Singer, animals cannot be denied rights given humans even if they are proximally different from the latter. Animal rights can find justification in theories of right that are embedded in time. It is interesting to begin this exposition by looking at the fairly recent debate between Singer and Judge Richard Posner of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. At the heart of the debate was a statement made by Posner, that “human beings prefer their own. ...
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