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Final paper assignment Knowledge regarding the essentials of philosophy and ethics is significant in one’s life as one’s personal philosophy, points of view and ethical perspectives exert great influence on one’s decisions and deeds. The content of the course has offered me fresh insights into various ethical approaches and perspectives and this also has immensely helped me to identify my own personal ethical lens, values and principles.


This paper explores these ethical perspectives, reviews relevant perspectives on ethics as an academic discipline, reflects the relevance of ethics among individuals and society, and identifies the key ethical perspectives, values and principles that would most benefit individuals and society. The course content convinced me of the relationship between philosophy and ethics as well as their components. While philosophy deals with the analysis of fundamental ideas and logical examination of the basic concepts of life ethics deals with justification of morality in determining what is right and wrong. In fact, ethics is only one of the branches of philosophy while the other three branches are metaphysics (deals with the ultimate reality and structure of existence), epistemology (branch of philosophy that examines the nature, types, and limits of knowledge) and aesthetics (branch of philosophy that explores the nature of beauty). The course also showed me how metaphysics, epistemology, and aesthetics contribute towards the making of one’s ethical perspectives. Similarly, ethics can also be divided into such subcategories as meta ethics, normative ethics and applied ethics. ...
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