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[Name of Student] Philosophy [Name of Instructor] [Date] Movie: “Crash" and the Philosophical Theories Kant’s argument assumes that all humanity must be given treatment that is an end in itself. Homo sapiens being part of humanity, therefore, they must be treated as an end in themselves too.


This means that that is it not a Kantian righteousness for other humans to view other rational beings as means that they could use to achieve other purposes however rational those purposes may be. Kant also makes several arguments about lying, whether it is morally acceptable to lie. He argues that lying at all times and in all possible circumstances is always morally wrong. He says that all human beings have what is referred to as an intrinsic worth called human dignity. Human beings are rational being who are capable of making their own decisions and guarding their own conduct by the use of reason. They have a rational power that enables them to be ethical in their deeds and actions. They are therefore set to make the right choice in every circumstance that presents itself before them that is in need of a decision or a choice. The fact that they are moral beings gives them the aspect of morality enabling them to make the right choice. It is for this reason that Kant argues that lying is morally wrong because it introduces corruption into the most important quality of a human being; that is the ability to make a free will. When one tells a lie, the lie contradicts the part of this person that gives him moral worth. This is what it does to the person lying. To the people who are being lied to, the lie robs them of the freedom to make a rational choice. ...
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