class and race and civil war in france

class and race and civil war in france Essay example
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Name Course Professor Date Class and race and civil warfare in France Introduction In January 2006, there were riots that brought to light the main differences in class and race difference between the individuals living in France. With the coming of the uprising from the youths who were seemingly dischanted due to their various grievances and pleas; including discrimination and separation.


During the riot, there was a large population of whites and blacks. The whites had their own say on how things were to be done and also how people around them would live. Chances for blacks getting a job would be extremely limited, considering their skin color and their social status. The riots came at a time when the whites were the majority, and they had superior control of the financial state. It was a time when the credentials on the CV did not matter. Once a name was seen to be foreign, then it deemed the chances of the said person getting a job. The rioters destroyed and damaged places that symbolized their suffering. There was so much racism that there came to be certain cakes sold in the streets that bared the name negro-head. The rioters protested against the suffering that they encountered from the landlords, were in favor of white tenants and the rest would be sent off. From the BBC world news, the blacks were also discriminated because of their language which was termed as poor English. There was so much hatred in that the television shows only showed whites acting. The BBC described these events as cruel, in that there could not be a single black person on television (Civil War in France, 178). ...
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