The Difference Between ‘What is Known’ and ‘What is Believed’.

The Difference Between ‘What is Known’ and ‘What is Believed’. Essay example
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In the task of responding to the main query about the person who has shown me love, I am naturally led to think of my mother who has loved me since the moment of conception.


For one, it occurs logical to acknowledge the truth that she loves me because I am her daughter, her offspring above all. We cannot deny the biological fact that we are related by blood and we share certain traits by genetic transfer so that this evidence altogether constitutes a scientific basis for the natural loving bond between us. Moreover, I should recognize that my mother truly loves me because she had religiously managed serious domestic efforts all through my childhood days. That includes the typical obligation which every other good mother fulfills such as providing for me a safe and comfortable shelter, cooking and cleaning for the household which I am a regular member of, preparing my needs for school, and attending to me diligently for relief from sickness. Besides all this knowledge, I can further attest to the belief that my mother loves me as I constantly sense her affectionate concern. With my mother’s demonstration of concern comes the presence of warmth which is something that I could not readily observe as present and spontaneous from my experience of other people’s help approach. ...
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