“What Makes You Happy?”

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We hear it often from people that they want to be happy. We have also seen surveys conducted around the world determining the happiest people on earth. And out of goodwill or by habit, we actually wish one another happiness.


And out of goodwill or by habit, we actually wish one another happiness. What are the criteria of happiness? By what standards are we said to be happy? What is the road to happiness? The criteria against which we benchmark our own or another’s happiness are normative and descriptive of our condition of being. These may be physical, social, economic, and even spiritual. By these same standards we gauge our level of attainment of happiness. Now, the road to happiness is presumably that which we reasonably have to pass – to the point that it becomes something off the beaten path. But what is this thing called happiness? Philosophers have counseled us for centuries, if not for millennia, about the nature of happiness, and how it is the singular goal of human life. Meaning to say, happiness is the life proper to man. Moreover, different ethical theories are significantly theories of happiness or rational attempts to know what truly completes the human person. Briefly, we can cite that happiness is both at the same time a state of wellbeing characterized by goals achieved and a positive attitude towards change. Describing happiness as wellbeing affirms the necessary orientation towards personal integration. It is when we see ourselves connected with others, especially with something larger than our own interests like God, country, family, etc., can we say we are happy. ...
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