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Name Mahmoud Elaradi Date 19/2/2013 0405461 Privacy: A Discussion of Definition and Legal Application For purposes of this brief analysis, this author will consider the identification of “privacy” as defined by James Moor in his article, “Towards A Theory of Privacy in the Information Age”.


As a function of this level of analysis, I hope that one of the prime viewpoints of Moor will be more appropriately explained and analyzed within the context of privacy and the law. Through coming to an understanding of the way that privacy law has grown and developed, the reader/researcher can come to appreciate the rules and regulations that serve to protect what many have come to consider a “fundamental right”. One of the main points that the author makes within his article is seeking to define what he terms “the nature of privacy” (Moor 5). This is a fundamentally important question to ask due to the fact that the term is thrown around with such seeming carelessness within our current world. However, the term privacy itself, as the author notes, is not something that is guaranteed by any of our founding laws that have helped to define the way in which our courts and legal system seeks to interpret law. As the author states, this poses a fundamental problem due to the fact that privacy law has been a unique construct that has basically needed to be defined along the way as needs and issues have come up with relation to it. ...
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