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Name Professor Institution Course Date Epicurus and Epictetus 1. Introduction Why is life celebrated with death being a fact? Does shying away from the thought of the occurrence of death deter this fact? The question begs, does one give up living when sentenced to death or do they stop living when told that they have terminal illnesses?


Essentially, these great scholars of philosophy had different consolation on the reasons for valuing and giving meaning to life (Pojman 530). Therefore, this essay will delve on two Greek philosophers, Epictetus and Epicurus, to try to understand their ideologies regarding the importance of living life without having to worry about the occurrence of death. 2. Epicurus According to ancient philosophy, Epicurus was an ancient philosopher that lived between two hundred and seventy one and three hundred and forty one B.C. He founded his school of philosophy in Athens where he spent most of his life. Epicurus was a philosopher who related the aspect of pleasure with good and the aspect of bad with pain concerning living. This concept became Hedonism, a Greek word meaning pleasure. For Epicurus, being sensuous and exalting life did not quantify for Epicureanism to form an opinion on the views of living. However, Epicurus was of the belief that a pleasurable life came from having calm emotions through the appreciation of honest but beautiful pleasantries of life. These pleasures include the good company of friends, a healthy diet, morally upright behavior, and good personal health. Epicurus insisted that people were not to worry about death, but only had to concern themselves with pleasure and pain (Pojman 531). ...
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