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Government (social contract theory and redistribution of wealth). Chose one of them

I am more inclined to believe that man by default is good and influenced by his or her environment where he can be better or slide into misery, as Hobbes argues. Misery and chaos are not the natural conditions of man but, rather, the blank state or tabulasa rasa subject to the condition and influence of the society, environment and government. Hobbes’ argument about the basis of government is also flawed, as per the statement that government is formed by its citizens’ giving up some of its destructive rights to have a government. While it may be partially correct that people must cede or limit some of their freedoms to achieve order, it does not necessarily mean giving up their freedom. Simply, government was not created on the basis of men agreeing not to kill or rob each other; rather because it is better for them if there is a government to set the direction of what the ideal behavior in society is and to protect their rights and freedom. Locke Locke agreed with Hobbes in the fundamental need for a government. They, however, differ in the reason and principle for forming such government. ...Show more


Name Professor Class Date I. Argue for or against the social contract theory Hobbes There are two philosophers who wrote about social contract theory that I will argue for and against. They are Thomas Hobbes and John Locke. I will argue against the claim of Hobbes that human life, by default, is anarchaic and is characterized by misery and chaos…
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"Government (social contract theory and redistribution of wealth). Chose one of them"
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