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(Name) (Professor) (Subject) (Date) Response to H. J. McCloskey’s “On Being an Atheist” Although most people in this world are theists, some like H. J. McCloskey have stood up boldly for their atheistic beliefs. The result is therefore a clash of beliefs.


At the beginning of his essay, McCloskey dismantles the three established and scholarly proofs of God’s existence. Although some people may wonder why McCloskey disproves these arguments first and would even accuse him of practicality for having done so instead of attacking God’s existence itself, one should remember that the basis of Christian faith rests upon these three arguments of God’s existence, which have been established by the greatest of Christian scholars in early history. McCloskey begins with the cosmological proof of God’s existence and disproves its validity. According to McCloskey, “The mere existence of the world constitutes no reason for believing in the existence of [an all-powerful first cause or uncaused cause]” (McCloskey 63). This is logical. It would be perfectly all right to think that the existence of a computer necessitates the existence of a maker, because one knows that that is true. Nevertheless, the existence of the world is different from the existence of the computer, for the computer is man-made. Any man-made object is made by man, but since the world is not man-made, then it is definitely not made by man, OR perhaps nothing or no one really made it. ...
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