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Essay example - Plagiarism:a critique of the rapacious perpetual copyrights

Plagiarism:a critique of the rapacious perpetual copyrights  Essay example
High school
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Novelists glance at the stuff of the world to compile their portion of artwork,and in the process appropriate themselves the obvious,still with a near conviction that literary stories should always eschew “features that serves to date back their content.” …

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Novelists glance at the stuff of the world to compile their portion of artwork,and in the process appropriate themselves the obvious,still with a near conviction that literary stories should always eschew “features that serves to date back their content.” The sheer numbers of parodies with claims of originality attached is infinite, yet mysterious. Needless to say, the character of the modern era hinges upon what requires no defense. Man is born into a world littered with incoherent realms of texts and images. It only serves intellectual curiosity to question the construction of contemporary copyright, which is taken as a law, universally recognized with moral absoluteness akin to the biblical right to life, or as the inherent natural law of gravity (Drahos, 1998, p. 20). In actual sense, it boarders neither. Rather, it is a tenuously forged term, endlessly revised with defective incarnations that bound and justifies infringements on almost everything from failure to pay royalties by Girl Scouts for the campfire songs they sing to the research violations on patented human genes.Like a birthright revered in every corner of a writing world, the infinite fee-oozing copyright practices stretches the modern ambitious art out of the familiar grounds into strange territories. Whatever trademark violations attached to the artistic appropriation of intellectual property, to tiptoe away the common signs into some towering irrelevance seems far worse. ...
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