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Admission Essay
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DESCARTES COGITO SUBMITTED TO- SUBMITTED BY- DESCARTES COGITO INTRODUCTION With the development of the Cogito Theory, there was the establishment of a foundation on which the philosophy founded by Descartes could be advanced among the established literature, which is infallible and also free of any kind doubt…

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The views were very mechanical in nature and were based on the rejection of Aristotelian science that had been seen as a widely accepted fact, and was also evident in the work done by him. His ideas were also based loosely on the rejection of metaphysics and the acceptance of epistemology, which changed the questions from how they took place to occurrence. The fact that he had almost no formal kind of training in the process, imparted a very unique way of looking at things. A DISCUSSION ON THE CONCEPT Cogito ergo sum has the meaning that any person thinking about the existence of himself or herself is the proof of the existence of the person. But, this may not be perceived as some sort of a permanent identity. This may also be taken as some sort of momentary entity and not any kind of existence in the subsequent moment. This has become one of the fundamental elements of the Western school of philosophy, and acts as a means of perceiving it. While the other forms of knowledge of understanding may have a certain degree of deception attached to it, the doubting of anyone’s own existence is the proof of the existence of the individual or the person. In the beginning of the second meditation, Descartes has reached the uppermost limits of doubt. ...
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