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Philosophy assignment

In his writing, Allegory of the Cave, found in The Republic, Plato referred to mimics as artificial replicas of certain real things. Next, based on discussion, explain how Plato might respond to this problem, and explain how this rebuttal nevertheless leads to the second problem of the so-called “participation problem” in respect to the Theory of the forms. From the discussion above, Plato would have concurred with the theory of form by insisting that whatever people see on earth are unreal and there exists a perfect world. Plato would have emphasized that forms on earth and the perfect world do have a connection since they mimic each other (Nigel 46). 2. (a.) Explain Aristotle’s view of the form/ matter relationship. How does this differ from Plato’s theory of the forms and Plato’s view of the mind body relationship? Aristotle rejected Plato’s theory of Forms and introduced his empirical approach that first emphasized on observation and second on reasoning. In being a student at Plato’s academy and having critically analyzed the Theory of forms, Aristotle provides a detailed argument. Aristotle’s theory more so asserts the superiority of universals to particulars. In relation to Plato that argues that particulars for example beauty exists only because they contribute or participate in the given universal form of Beauty. In accordance to Aristotle, universal concepts of let’s say beauty derive from various instances of beauty in the world (Nigel 67). He argues that the conception of beauty could only be arrived at by observing particular instances of the given beauty plus the universal quality of beauty got no existence beyond that conception that people build from the given particular instances. He more so emphasizes on the need of observing details of this world. He adds that particulars come first followed by universals. Next, explain what implications this view has for the possibility of immortality (Life after death). Finally, explain how we come to know forms in Aristotle’s sense of “forms,” according to Aristotle. How does this involve both the senses and reason? Aristotle defined the given soul as an animating form of a given living body. Hence, from his thinking, the soul cannot exist then separate from a body. Aristotle defines the soul as the animating form of a living body. Aristotle arguments moreso revolves around this concept. Furthermore, Aristotle admits that most of a given soul’s affection, for instance desire, anger, and perception, entirely depend on a given body plus are inconceivable (Nigel 89). Aristotle in his argument leaves open for more to think about the soul’s thinking being independent of a given body, and adds that the soul could be separated from the body. 3. Based on the reading from Nichomachean Ethics in Pojman and class discussion, explain Aristotle’s view that “ethics” are defined in terms of what produces “happiness.” What does happiness mean for Aristotle, in relation to human nature in all of its dimensions? Aristotle states that humans can arrive at a given moral virtue primarily via practice and people get limited moral values just by studying texts. He considers moral virtues not quite essentially different compared to other forms of excellence. The view totally makes sense especially when considering the moral virtue that is not essentially that different from other excellence forms. He more so emph ...Show more


Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Philosophy 1. Explain the Third Man argument, as a critique of Plato’s theory of the forms. From my own perspective, I believe the forms Plato believed about were not real. Plato claims that people see things on earth that mimic the real things…
Author : arielleauer
Philosophy assignment essay example
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Philosophy assignment
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