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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Multinational Corporations and Sweatshops Introduction Today industrialized countries have favored contracting out of production to the suppliers in the third world countries. By doing this, the industrialized countries have contributed to international division of labor.


One of the chief expectations by the two companies is high quality goods. In addition, they expect the suppliers in developing countries to produce quality products within a short time or precise delivery schedule (Maitland 120). This is a trend that has been observed with nearly all multinational corporations across the globe. Indeed, in recent years these companies have forgotten about manufacturing; instead, their focus is on marketing and product designing. The labor and human rights activists have criticized this contracting arrangement. They have argued that these corporations are exploiting workers and thereby promote international sweatshops. The critics have cited a number of areas of exploitation which makes them believe that the corporations contribute to difficult and dangerous environment for workers. For example, they have pointed out that the sweatshop workers work for very long hours but with minimal pay, albeit well defined laws on minimum wage and overtime pay. Moreover, the sweatshop workers might violate the child labor laws which are highly defined and outlined. On some occasions, sweatshops may promote hazardous situations and materials. In addition, in a sweatshop setup, the employer can choose to abuse the employees without easy ways for employees’ protection. ...
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