The Pros of Welfare and Charity

The Pros of Welfare and Charity Essay example
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Complete Name of Student Complete Name of Professor Subject Description 4 March 2013 The Pros of Welfare and Charity Welfare programs and charitable works are intended to provide aid to those who are most helpless and poorest. Oftentimes, assistance is made available to individuals who are incapable due to a variety of reasons: illness, old age, physical and mental disabilities among others.


Public funds and charities are not meant to teach individuals to become indolent and overly reliant on donations and government assistance; the kind of support that they receive from both NPOs and the government can be utilized and taken advantage in several ways such as in financing education and establishing their own business. So, there is more valid reason as to why there is a need for us to dig deeper in the pros of welfare and charities in every society at large. The Pros of Welfare Welfare generally refers to the providing of a minimum cost of security and social support for individuals belonging in a certain country. Social welfare, in particular, specifically points toward the promotion of common good and general welfare for the people such as “bring about civic betterments and social improvements” (Internal Revenue Service, “Social Welfare”). In highly developed countries such as the United States, welfare is mostly provided by the government, along with charitable organizations, non-governmental organizations, religious associations, and inter-governmental organizations. ...
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