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Your Name Instructor’s Name Course Name Due Date Euthanasia A Discussion of Case Study Everyone who is alive must eventually accept that no one lives forever, inevitably we will all die. Most do not like contemplating it, but all the same it is true. Today we argue continuously about what happens to us after we die, but, also, about how we can die, or more accurately, how we are allowed to.


Euthanasia can be the choice of the an individual and may be unassisted or assisted, by physicians, family, or friends. However, it should be clear that all variations of euthanasia have been deemed illegal in most locations. Suicide has always been a controversial issue. The moral beliefs of certain popular ideologies deem suicide a great sin, which can lead to the mindset that if you suffer greatly then you probably deserve to and when you die, that is when you were meant to. However, that thinking is not shared by everyone and to impose that mentality and force people to suffer until natural death occurs can be quite unfair. Euthanasia brings up many questions of ethics, morality, personal beliefs, and rights to individual autonomy. Death and Dignity: A Case of Individualized Decision Making, by Timothy E, Quill, is a fantastic example of situation where euthanasia has becomes a real consideration. The case study, told from the doctor’s point of view, is a very moving story involving a physician’s relationship with a particular patient, Diane, who is suffering from leukemia and has optioned to not undergo treatment; she is planning to die with dignity and has decided to take her own life (Quill 692). ...
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