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Essay example - How Dretske responds to Chisholm's claim that intentionality cannot be naturalized

How Dretske responds to Chisholm
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Intentionality is defined as the ability of an individual to have a free will to make their own decisions and indulge in activities at their own consent. Intentionality is viewed as the personal democracy where an individual reacts or thinks depending on their views and preferences…

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Chisholm argued that intentionality cannot be naturalized because of the numerous influencing factors that surround us. According to Locke Chisholm argued that for every decision we make there must be a factor that influences or alters a person’s needs or will. He further argued that every decision we make is based on the fact that we must take the path to be comfortable. According to Chisholm factors affecting a person’s intent may also be psychological. This also denies the possibility that intentionality can be natural. To naturalize intentionality Chisholm argued that there must be absolutely free will in an action. In his argument need and wants of the people does not allow what individuals do to be natural. For instance, a person’s need for food, shelter and clothing makes ones intention to acquire the commodities an artificial intent. In this scenario, the intent can only be natural if one could survive without food and still have the intent and urge to acquire the commodity. ...
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