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Name Course Tutor Date Intentionality Explain how Dretske responds to Chisholm's claim that intentionality cannot be naturalized. Do you think that Dretske's response is successful? Defend your answer Intentionality is defined as the ability of an individual to have a free will to make their own decisions and indulge in activities at their own consent.


In words by Locke intentionality is the act of an individual for a specific reason and intent (23). From this definition one could argue that intentionality can be easily influenced by external conditions. The author further argues that the conditions a person is exposed to can create an intentionality case but based on the options rendered to the individual. This argument hinders the argument that intentionality is a natural factor. The same argument is highlighted by Locke who argues that the intentionality can be expressed in both the natural artificial ways (14). The author further argues that intent can be caused by either a person’s needs or forces that cannot be evaded creating a need. Regardless of the causing factor, the action from the two scenarios is treated as intentionality. However, many philosophers argue that intentionality commences with an individual’s will to commit to an action or decision. The only difference is that the will to commit to actions and decisions is influenced by numerous factors. This ability of intentionality to be influenced has created a debate on whether or not it can be naturalized. By being naturalized, philosophers argue the possibility that people can act under their own preferences without the influence of any other factor. ...
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