Ethics of Social Media

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Social Media Ethics Name Course Date Social media ethics Social networking on the internet started with the wish and will for the people to share information with the family, relatives, and friends. This form of communication flourished rapidly and started competing in text messages and email.


Social network sites permits people to create social networks with thousands of people. Initially, the use of social media sites posed little danger to personal confidential information. However, as the world of social media became popular, social media sites like twitter and Facebook raised the availability of its products opening ways to new members and networks. The emergence of social media invited an ethical response that view technology as a monolithic power with different vector of impact and influence, one that can either impoverish or constrain human experience of actual world in particular manner (Wilkins and Patterson 2010, 45-51). In the current information age we live in, people have found social media networks to be an indispensable tool for connecting and communicating with each other. It is morally permissible for a person to disseminate information obtained via social media networks with the intention of creating a character profile because through social networks, public forums, media sharing websites and blogs that we are able to create interactive dialogues with others to share experiences and any important information. Despite this, some people argued that it is unethical to share information obtained from social media networks because they believe that social media would slowly fade away in turn exposing their information to dangerous people who might use the information to harm others. ...
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