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Name: Professor: Course Code: Date of Submission: Social Websites and Data Collection: In the current century, majority of the people use social network sites like facebook, twitter, myspace and friendstar to interact. People share information over the internet, including private information that affects their personal lives.


This paper takes a stand that picking information of an individual from social websites without their permission is unethical. To defend this stand, this paper analyzes the impact of using unauthorized information that comes from social media. This paper also identifies a supporting argument in favor of using these types of information, and gives a counter argument against the argument. This paper has a conclusion, which is a summary of the main points that the paper addresses. Sharing personal information about an individual without their authorization can damage the reputation of the individual under consideration. For example, a data collecting company can peruse through the facebook profiles of certain individuals, and find information concerning their sexual habits. Sharing this information with other organizations without their consent is disastrous. An organization can use this information for or against the individual concerned (Partridge, 33) . Take an instance if the individual is gay, and the information comes before anti-gay institutions. The impact of this action on the individual is damage to his or her reputation. Another reason as to why this process is unethical is that doubts might emanate on the accuracy of the information the data collection company provides. ...
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