John Searle: Can Computer Think?

John Searle: Can Computer Think? Essay example
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Can Computers Think? Name: Institution: Computers are machines that were invented to simplify work done by humans in all aspects of life. Computers were designed to help simplify tasks that too long to complete due to their complexity and time consuming attributes.


Computers have revolutionized the way that things are done in the day-to-day running of things in the world. The computer revolution ushered in a new age of fast global communication through the internet and wireless telephone networks. Computers have been ingrained in almost all the cultures of the world and some communities; life would be unsustainable without the use of computer technology. It is this aspect of inculcating computer technology in man’s everyday life that raises the question of what impact computers have in people’s lives both physically and psychologically. This paper aims at addressing the question of whether computers can think. Computers were designed to simplify tasks that humans got involved in their daily lives, and in part, computer are used in these daily activities. In doing so, people inculcate computers into their daily activities making them a part of their lives. When people rely on computers for most of their daily tasks, it creates time for other activities. This why computers are used for almost all aspects of life because they help increase productivity through enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. Human potential is amplified by the use of computers because they add efficiency and effectiveness to skills (Kessler, 2012). ...
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