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With the mention of “The highest good and the end toward which all human activity is directed is happiness, which can be defined as continuous contemplation of eternal and universal truth,” (Aristotle, n. p.)Aristotle reaches the threshold of spirituality but stumbles there.


p.)Aristotle reaches the threshold of spirituality but stumbles there. He is unable to cross the final hurdle to the land of the divine, where bliss alone reigns. It is the conflict –free land of peace, with no secular dualities. The question is how to reach the level of eternal and universal truth? Aristotle’s ethical theory is incomplete and creates a vacuum. How can an ethical man know about the correctness of a moral decision? His theory does not explain how to act morally and it suffers from lack of specifics. There is a “brain” behind the working and functioning of this entire cosmos of which humankind is the part. A brain that is par-excellence, supreme and extraordinary! The top-scientists of this world are unable to withstand its power. One has no option but to agree that such an out of the world genius could only be hailed as God. In this context, let me give a practical example. Take it that we are in a railway station waiting for the arrival of destination train. We have a heavy suitcase that consists of apparel and currency notes. All of a sudden, we are required to go somewhere for a short while. But the suitcase is heavy and we are not comfortable to carry the suitcase while rushing over there. In such a situation, will we handover the suitcase to some unknown person with whom we are not acquainted with? ...
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