Singer's Practical Ethics

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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Subject: Term Paper, Philosophy Date: Topic: Singer’s Practical Ethics Introduction: Utilitarianism According to utilitarianism principles, the right course of action in any situation is the one that produces the best balance of good over bad consequences for all those affected by the action.


He is strong in his convictions about the utilitarian ethics. He argues, “As far as my underlying ethical views are concerned, some of my friends and colleagues will no doubt be distressed to find the countless hours spent discussing these matters with me that have served only to reinforce my conviction, that consequentialist approach to ethics….is fundamentally sound” (x). The society impacted by the materialist civilization, industrial and internet revolutions is, to some extent, responsible for the present day maladies afflicting the society, according to him and the basic values of humankind have gone haywire. Peter Singer’s concept of utilitarianism ensures the individual right and freedom to come to own conclusions, and he advises all not to be follow-the-leader type individuals. He writes, “We have to reach our own decision. The beliefs and customs we were brought up with may exercise great influence on us, but once we start to reflect upon them we can decide whether to act in accordance with them or to go against them” (6). His intended audience is the political leadership, economists, scientists, sociologists, intellectuals and who's who of the society. Animal Rights: Peter Singer is the strong supporter of animal rights. From the scientific viewpoint, he relies on speculative conclusions and absolute assumptions. ...
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