Is there international law?

Is there international law? Essay example
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[Student’s name] [Course title] [Supervisor’s name] [Date] Is there International Law? Is there international law? This is a question which could give rise to differences in opinions. Some argue that it is the power that shapes international laws, and others merely agree with them but do not fully accept and implement it.


The vast organization that constitutes international law includes an assortment of international traditions, formal contacts, pacts, consensus, and charters such as the United Nations Charter. The United Nations Charter has various codes of conduct or protocols, law courts and summaries of legal agreements which include legal examples of previous decisions handed down by the International Court of Justice. In the absence of a potent governing apparatus to enforce implementation of international law, international law is confined to the parameters where enforcement of international law is only possible when those in power agree to abide by the law (MacCormick 259). The underlying argument of this paper is whether there is international law which every country confides and abides to fully. Countries have different governing systems, and they usually adhere to their own version of international law which might include both case laws and legislation in their country. The adherence to international laws includes practical implications, measures and legal redress. ...
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