Karl Marx's theories

Karl Marx
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University Name Philosophy Writer’s Name Karl Marx presented a comprehensive discussion on the forms of alienation. The workers are estranged from the type of work they do. The workers are brought against the capitalists as they generate excess value so the capitalists are authorized against them.


Workers are alienated from the activity of working. The employers assign their employees their tasks. This means that the work actually belongs to those who are in authority. Workers are alienated from the chance to understand humanity. An example includes those workers who pollute the environment, the factory workers. They are causing harm to the world they inhabit. Workers are also alienated from each other. This occurs as the workers undergo competitions in order to win over certain positions in a labor marketplace. According to utilitarian view, those actions for a problem are considered correct which offer more benefits to the society as compared to the benefits offered by other actions conducted in the same situation (Russell 1959, 65). Actions should be considered right or wrong according to costs and benefits associated with them. Those offering more costs than benefits are considered wrong and vice versa. Through out the world, child labor is unanimously opposed. However, it does exist in certain countries because if children do not earn, the entire family suffers. In such situations, child labor is considered right as it has more benefits than adverse effects. ...
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