All forms of government welfare should be abolished.

	All forms of government welfare should be abolished. Essay example
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Why government welfare should be abolished Student’s name Course/Number Date Instructor’s name 1. What is your topic? This paper explores the importance of government welfare programs in society. 2. What are the possibly different main claims/positions related to this topic?


Moreover, most of government welfare initiatives fail the test of providing long-term solutions to economic challenges facing society, thus encourage a persistent culture of reliance on others and loss of productivity. 3. What is your position regarding the topic? My position is that government welfare programs should be abolished. 4. What “evidence” have you offered to support your claim/position? Have you included your survey results? A lot of Americans were dissatisfied with the management of the program, claiming that the beneficiaries of the programs were misusing the welfare funds by staying idle, and having bigger families in order to receive more aid (Sheely, 2012). Others refrained from marriage so as to be eligible for more benefits (Greenberg, Ashworth, Cebulla, & Walker, 2005). These are clear signs of abuse, which basically call for the abolition of the government welfare. 5. Put your claim/position and “evidence” through the “Scientific Method” and “Proving a theory” steps. Are there any steps on which your claim/position and evidence do not measure up to the examination? If so, what can you do to make them more acceptable? Firstly, despite the significance of the welfare reform initiated in the mid-1990s, states are still struggling to curb the exploitative nature of the policy upon the productive segment of the economy. ...
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