The primary mission of colleges and universities is preparing students for the workforce.

	The primary mission of colleges and universities is preparing students for the workforce. Essay example
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The Role of College and University Education Name: Instructor: Task: Date: The Role of college and University Education There is a contemporary debate on what should entail the primary focus of college and university education. The question as to what should be the greatest objective of higher education forms the central concern in the discussion.


Traditional higher education systems, for instance, show failure in integrating career development in students (Stone & Lewis, 2012). In response to such criticisms, counter arguments tend to point at an inclusive college education system that fully integrates all the requirements for the fulfillment of educational needs of students. In as much as critics point at several instances of failure of the college education system to provide college graduates with all the necessary skills, their argument is fallacious. Instead, nearly every higher education system is effective in providing students with the necessary skills that prepare them to undertake their professional roles efficiently and successfully. Higher education is a platform that provides complementary skills alongside the primary role of career nurturing. Brockbank and McGill (2007), provide an extensive evaluation of the role of higher education, while citing the necessity to ensure quality and comprehensiveness. College education plays a vital role in civilization by boosting the social class of society members and their economic productivity. The goals of education are diverse and of plausible benefits that are inevitable. Education forms a vital part in the promotion of civilization and enhancing development. ...
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