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Ancient Chinese Contributions Name Course Instructor’s Name Date Abstract The essay aims to address a two-fold objective to wit: (1) to reflect one’s views and interpretation of the topic to help stretch mind and abilities to be creative, innovative, and critical thinker; and (2) to support ideas with specific, illustrative examples using at least two sources.


Among of these ancient Chinese inventions or contributions include the movable type printing, toilet paper, porcelain, harnesses for horses, ship’s rudder, deep drilling, iron pillows, seed drill, compass, and row planting (Listverse Com, 2009, 207-210). Of the identified Ancient Chinese inventions or contributions, the four most ingenious or innovative inventions are the movable type printing, compass, porcelain, and toilet paper. The movable type of printing could be the most useful invention or contribution from the ancient Chinese, specifically from the Song Dynasty. History has a proof of how printing has evolved during the ancient times of Chinese in which, the first printing has produced a printed book from full-page woodcuts. Innovative approaches were tried back then to improve the quality and time of printing. Bi Sheng is one of the person who has developed innovations in the existing printing set up and has made reusable and typesetting techniques to clay-fired characters (Listverse Com, 2009, 210). Due to its authenticity, the technology was not perfected until 1450s and after the emergence of metal type printing in 1490s. Without the printing technology that was brought to us by the ancient Chinese, historians might not have relay to us historical events, cultures, and customs which were attributed to ancient Chinese and other races. ...
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