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Children Behavior Worse Than 10 Years Ago [Pick the date] Author Children Behavior Worse Than 10 Years Ago Behavior is the action or reaction of a person in response to external or internal stimulations (cause). E.g. manners, anger, love etc. Behavior refers particularly to the way a person behaves in response to others.


Here, we will talk about social behavior with special reference to children. It is obvious that nowadays a child’s behavior is worse than ten years ago. There is susceptibility that children are becoming more violent than ever before. The media shows extensive reports of children taking drugs and showing explicitly violent behavior. Where girls are indulging in premarital sex at a very early age (cause illegal abortions and increased rate of deaths). Children have less disciplined than the older times. There are many reasons for this turn down in children discipline, one of the most important and might even be the root cause of all the others is negligence and carelessness from parents’ side. Parental negligence has increased the risks of destructive factors, which have as a result damaged children’s sense of ethics, morality, and discipline. The other reasons include: Firstly, Parents are not being able to carryout their responsibilities for taking care of their children, parents criticize the importance of the family as the main source of the children’s primary socialization. Whereas the Sociologists agree that behavior can be learnt through a process called socialization (Schultz, 2012).There are two types of socialization. ...
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