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Name Professor’s Name Course Date Essay Philosophy Plato’s Perspectives on what Education should achieve above any other thing Plato is one of the ancient greatest philosophers in Greece, who besides philosophy, did mathematics and science. Plato was Socrates’ student; Socrates just like Plato was also a prominent philosopher during those early times and influenced most of the philosophical work of Plato.


Plato viewed the role of education differently as compared with other philosopher who contributed on what education can give that distinguishes it distinctly from other experiences that can be acquired. Plato had a strong belief that education was peculiar in that it was able to prepare learners adequately for future life. This proposal by Plato has faced several rebellions by other philosophers such as Dewey and Rousseau who are considered the modern philosophers on education. Even though the modern philosophers have been opposed to the contribution of Plato, his arguments are still considered to be in context in the 21st century. Plato asserted that education has several concepts engraved in it that is essential in making an individual cope with the future given that the future is uncertain. Plato considered concepts such as reason, goodness, virtue, dialectics, ideas, sense of perception, metaphysics, motivation, art as considered to be a medium of instruction, and truth to be the guiding principles that one acquire through education and are of significant help in the future (Watts, 67). ...
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