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How Should I Judge the Goodness of My Actions?

Mills contends that individuals who have experienced the two pleasures have a higher preference to how they exist, using higher faculties. He implies that people with more awareness to the world need more for them to be happy. Those who are knowledgeable, while subject to ignorance in enjoying base pleasures, maintain withstanding lower grades of pleasure. Finally, as people, we act in specific ways in order to meet out desires and the decisions made are governed, somewhat, by sanctions. Two types of sanctions exist, i.e. internal and external. External sanctions are outside of the person and are inclusive of such means as the influence from other people; for example, the approval, and disapproval of other people to our actions (Kahn, 2010). It can also be from ideas like the fear of God and punishment from God for acting contrary to his word. Internal sanctions, on the other hand, are equivalent to one’s conscience. These are the inner thoughts resonating in one’s mind with regards to actions or ideas. Internal sanctions have a greater influence since the mind has a consistent presence in one’s lifetime. ...Show more


How Should I Judge the Goodness of My Actions? Name: Institution: HOW SHOULD I JUDGE THE GOODNESS OF MY ACTIONS? Mill’s utilitarian principle is also referred to as the principle of greatest happiness. It focuses on holistic improvement of happiness. By attempting to maintain happiness, the utilitarian theory, also explores morality and maintains that actions are right or wrong in proportion as they promote happiness or the reverse of happiness respectively (Kahn, 2010)…
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