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The production and sale of cigarettes should be made illegal There are many studies trying to convince us of the peril of cigarette smoking (Shirazi & Guinet, 2006, p.167; Henricks, Givi & Folkerts, 2011, p.1104; Ward, Berenson & Breitkopf, 2011, p.213.e1).


Concerning this, even if the government raises tax for cigarettes, the consumption or demand of them is still higher. The only way therefore in order to control smoking is to do a move that would discourage production and sale of cigarettes. Regarding this point, it makes sense that production and sale of cigarettes should be made illegal. Smoking is perhaps for some is one of the coolest things a person could do in his entire life. For sure, the reason why some teenagers go take into the plunge to smoke is due to social influence. It always starts this way; not even including how a smoker might convince a non-smoker to go a try for it. However, due to human curiosity, there are seemingly wonderful things about smoking that one could link to it. Without question, there must be wonderful feeling or benefits linked to smoking, which particularly has become the major point why there are still many people who smoke and continue to do so even if they already knew the health hazards associated to it. Some of them are becoming dependent on smoking, that their life for the day would not be completed without puffing a smoke. The idea therefore of putting a legal act against cigarette production and distribution may sound of a discomfort to those who have become so dependent on smoking. ...
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