reflect on Hedonic act utilitarianism and Kant's formula of humanity...evaluate whether or not you believe torture

reflect on Hedonic act utilitarianism and Kant
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The ‘ticking time bomb’ scenario poses a good argument that solidifies the merit of hedonic act utilitarianism and how it plays at our understanding of what could be morally permissible given the circumstances.


Many proponents against torture focus on the absolutist requirement that it should not be permitted under any circumstance and that enforcing torture given the possibility that the person to be tortured is innocent or that he does not have the information needed fails to give a concrete argument on the other side of the what if question. Deductively, what if he is not totally innocent or that he truly does have the information and there are others whose lives are at risk. Founding on the singular basis of Kantian formula of humanity undermines the correlation of impending critical decisions at crossroads in favor of moral predispositions. The “ticking time bomb thought experiment” presents a direct and unfaltering inquiry on our appreciation of utilitarianism and thus supposes that the second premise, “it is not morally permissible to torture the terrorist” is false. Sussman presents a perceptive description on the effect of torture and the existing relationship between the victims of torture and the tormentor as being one of passivity as the suffering and its inherent pain brings the person to a state where he no longer has control of his body and emotions brought about by sheer pain and fear. In the book, “Torture: When the Unthinkable is Morally Permissible,” suggests what the very title given by the authors mean. Bagaric, Mirko and Clarke provided for five variables that must be present to make torture morally permissible. ...
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