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Marx is considered to be is one of the founders of the International Working Men’s Association. The philosophy of George Friedrich Hegel is one of his most important intellectual influences and Karl Marx remains incomplete without the study of Hegel. He died at London, United Kingdom on March 14, 1883 (Engels, 1869). Karl Marx identified and shed light on the ills of capitalism and explained how it could be challenged. People of the world took his ideas as a guide towards changing the system of the world despite the regular efforts by the supporters of Capitalism to bury his ideas. He, along with Frederick Engels, identified the inevitable fault of a capitalist society that is class struggle; therefore, his dialectic holds Communism as the perfect and final form of the State that makes possible the appropriate use of human abilities. He believed that in the end socialism will replace capitalism and this world will be a classless society ensuring the rise of working class. Above all, Marx was a revolutionist whose main aim was to put an end to capitalism and contribute towards the liberation of the modern proletariat. ...
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Karl Marx Name University Karl Marx Karl Marx, born on May 5, 1818, studied jurisprudence at Bonn and Berlin but his affiliation with philosophy turned him away from law very soon. He married the daughter of Privy Councillor von Westphalen in Trier and moved to Paris in the summer of 1843 where he committed himself chiefly to studying history of the great French Revolution and political economy…
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