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This paper approves that Plato and Desecrates concur that everyone possesses a quality of opposition especially on issues that they do not concur in. This is what led to the liberalization of most contemporary democracies. Regardless of their positions in the society, humans will always oppose any idea that seeks to subordinate their existence. Additionally, in his description of the state, Plato observes that the workers are always the majority in any society. They may not always have much wealth or capital, but their large number is their greatest power. The ruling class consists of a select few who often, as per the dictates of democracies, promise to protect the interest of the rest of the population. The film depicts this and uses the zeal to oppose oppressive regimes to develop an effective conflict that sustains the story.
This paper makes a conclusion that Descartes explains the origin of science which the film also exhibits. He emphasizes the use of reason to develop science; the developers of the film employ extensive reasoning to help stretch the limits of science. Descartes asserts that philosophy is like a tree with metaphysics as the roots and physics as the trunk. All other branches of science such as physics, medicine, and ethics thus stem out of the trunk. In this assertion, Descartes explains that ethics should always govern human curiosity and result in the determination of ethical knowledge. The lack of ethics in any of such endeavors is likely to meet resistance from the disadvantaged just as the film depicts. ...Show more


This paper analyzes "The Matrix" which is one of the biggest films ever produced. This is evidenced by the fact that it had two sequels which had an overwhelming response as well. The film depicts a human future far drawn from reality…
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