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The Outside of the Solar System - Essay Example

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The Outside of the Solar System

M91 has long been considered as a “missing” object and astronomers and historians hypothesized that it might be the NGC 4571, a passing comet, or a duplicate observation of M58. It was William C. Williams, an amateur astronomer from Texas, who found out that NGC 4548 fit Messier’s description and position for M91 and should be applied for M88 and not for M58 (French, 57). In addition, galaxies such as NGC 4516, IC 3476, and NGC 4571, were also described in the article. NGC 4516 is a little galaxy which is located 8’ north of an imaginary line connecting M88 and M91. It has a very small glow elongated north-south and a small core with a distinct nucleus at the center of a shallow S curve. IC 3476 is an intriguing galaxy that rests 4.4′ east of the northern star, displays a lumpy brightness distribution and peculiar shape, and a relatively large, blotchy, bright area wide end. It surprised astronomers with a super nova in 1970 and has been assigned a morphological type of IB(s)m (French, 58). Lastly, NGC 4571 is a SA(r)c-type galaxy which rests on 28′ southeast of M91 and appears roundish with a small brighter core. All of these galaxies rests on the core of the Virgo cluster and are some of the reasons why heavens are sparkling with amazements. The article summarized above relates to the Astronomy Course Content in terms of studying how far the stars or galaxies are, description of stellar nurseries, and exploring other galaxies aside from the Milky Way. One would have noticed that distances were stated in the article. ...Show more


The writer of the paper “The Outside of the Solar System” focuses on the neglected galaxies M88 and M99 in Coma Berenices. M88 is a Seyfert galaxy (named after American astronomer Carl Keenan Seyfert) and is one of the brightest spiral galaxies in the Virgo cluster…
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