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Politics of the European Union: Theories on the Development and Nature of the European Union - Essay Example

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Politics of the European Union: Theories on the Development and Nature of the European Union

From the research it can be comprehended that the Regional integration process in Europe has unfolded at an unsteady and unpredictable pace and in unexpected directions, regardless of the once confident predictions of the classical paradigms to the contrary. The flux in community affairs makes real difficulties for those whose task is to uncover and explain the process. Developments so far have certainly carried the European process across the minimalist threshold that demarcates integration from mere intergovernmental cooperation, without realizing is the ambitious goal to an immensely complex process of political change. Radical changes have characterized European politics in the recent years. Various scholars have been poised with the question of whether there is a single theory that tries to explain the nature and development of European Union. Indeed, there is no single-defined theory that explains this phenomenon. The processes of democratization and state consolidation have, immensely, affected the politics in the society—the perception and undertaking of regional politics have changed due to international developments. The continuity of European integration process has made the European Union an increasingly influential political actor. Federalism’s contribution to the development of European integration turned out, then, to be much less significant than might have been anticipated in the earlier years. ...
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The following essay will discuss theories of nature and development of European integration. They include functionalism, Neo-functionalism, federalism, Intergovernmentalism, policy networks, multilevel governance, and institutionalism theory…
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