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Withdrawal from Iraq

To study this we must first size up the effect US invasion has had on Iraq. What was meant to be a disarmament campaign for the weapons of mass destruction has turned into a bloodbath. Even in this post Saddam era, these weapons have never been actually found. Another reason that was given for invasion was to bring stability into the region. This objective too has not been achieved. The possibility of civil war between the Sunni and Shiite elements now seems a thing of the past and both groups are vocally and physically advocating for a US exit. It becomes clearer every day that the Iraqis are sick of this invasion of their homes and are thirsty for revenge for the destruction caused to their homes. Throw in the fact that the US has refused to define any timeline for an exit from Iraq, and we see a near perfect platform for extremist forces to recruit in Iraq as well as those countries where a US attack is possible.In addition, the feelings of many Iraqis have been further aggravated by the state of the Abu Gharib prison. Many people were subjected to dreadful humiliations within the perimeters of that prison. We can easily point out that today as well many American soldiers in Iraq fall victim of bombings in Iraq by the so called terrorist forces. Thus, planning a terrorist attack outside the borders of Iraq can in a way be easier if the US is to withdraw its forces from Iraq.However, a withdrawal can also have some positive outcomes. ...
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Many would agree that the prolonged invasion of Iraq by the US has lead to increasing levels of global terrorism, especially towards the invaders and their allies. In this scenario, some very crucial issues need to be considered
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