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Cuban Missile Crisis

Soviet foreign minister Andrei Gromyko met the President Kennedy and he denied any kind of threat caused by the missile base to the U.S. After this meeting President Kenney called in for a meeting with his executive committee to discuss the various options to resolve this issue. After the meeting, President Kennedy was left with two options either an air strike and invasion or a naval quarantine with the threat of further military action. Leaving his cabinet to decide on this issue, President Kennedy left on a scheduled campaign to Ohio and Illinois . After his return to Washington and a meeting for about 5 hours, President Kennedy resorted to the second option since an air strike could have caused massive destruction to the mass and could not guarantee the complete devastation of the missile. There were strategies made on deploying naval quarantine and President Kennedy delivered a speech to the Americans. Naval quarantine was established around Cuba with the consent of The Organizations of American States and the U.N Security Council was informed about this issue. He also formed an Executive Committee of the National Security Council, which met on a daily basis during the crisis as per the instructions from President Kennedy. Soviet submarine threatened naval quarantine from moving into the Caribbean Sea and Soviet cargo stopped the transport of weapons to Cuba however, the oil tanker named Bucharest continued to move towards Cuba. Before addressing the mass, President Kennedy wrote a letter to the Premier of the Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev about the kind of destruction that a war could cause in the nuclear age. ...
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Cuban missile crisis is a series of events that occurred to dismantle the secret missile base in Cuba formed by the Soviet Union during 1962. The diplomatic efforts of President John F Kennedy led to the termination of this missile base that could have caused tremendous destruction to the U.S…
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