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The 3 branches of US government - Essay Example


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The 3 branches of US government

Consisting of the president, vice president, and cabinet departments, the executive branch implements and executes laws. As a head of state and commander-in-chief of the armed forces, the president possesses the power to appoint heads of federal agencies and the cabinet. The branch ensures that the daily responsibilities of the federal government are carried out. Policies on foreign relations, agriculture, and housing, among others, are implemented by the different offices and departments of the executive branch. The National Security Council offers advice to the president on matters of foreign policy, intelligence, and national security. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) creates farming, agriculture, and food policies. Finally, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) implements programs and policies on housing needs, community development, and fair housing laws. Budget, research, and legislative support, I think, are the primary challenges faced by the executive branch when it comes to public policy formation and implementation. The budget of each department is used mainly in the administration of duties, compensation of employees, and implementation of current policies. Budget constraints may pose a problem in policy formation. To form a public policy, research is needed to identify the problems and solutions of a public issue. The amount of resources allotted to research may also pose a problem. Finally, public policies should be consistent with laws which necessitate

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The research describes three institutions in the new government that embodies the framers commitment to the principle of representation, identify three amendments to the constitution that expands the democratic representation, explaining what each amendment has accomplished and lastly identify one passage in the Constitution that expresses the republican principle of popular sovereignty.
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Branches of Government Paper
It was intended to prevent one person from gaining too much power which can lead to graft, corruption, abuses, nepotism and despotism (Northrup, 2003, p. 44); framers of the American Constitution were so obsessed with preventing this from happening after experiencing cruelty by absolutism under the British monarchy before gaining their independence.
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3. Summarize the 1 & 2. During the Constitutional Convention of 1787, our Founding Fathers deliberated on how the government should be organized. After elaborate consideration they came to a consensus that the Federal government will be divided into three – the legislative, judicial and executive branches.
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Three branches of the U.S. government
Consequently, the singular purpose of having the three branches working separately is to promise that they do not become too powerful to infringe on the freedoms of the population. In analyzing the three branches of the government, we see that all of their functions serve the public differently
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US Government and Terrorism Most people agree with the claim that terrorism is a different kind of offence. So, the way terrorists should be dealt with is a bone of contention among the thinkers today. Many of them claim theoretically that military courts are better at dealing with terrorism whereas others believe that civil courts are not so naive as critics claim.
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The three arms of the government represent the American people in a variety of ways. National voting subject to the Electoral College elects the executive, through the president. The executive therefore
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The Branches of Government
He has the power to make treaties, through and with the consent and advice of the Senate, on condition that two thirds of the senators present agree (“Article II”). These are some of the
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or as lobbying in the US government is concerned, the primary goal of the lobbyists is to engage in close interaction and discussion with the congressmen. The lobbyists try to explain to the congressmen in a detailed and precise manner the technical and logical reasons behind
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t actions that are affiliated to some worthy purpose and are goal oriented, which are taken by the US government to deal with and tackle societal problems. Public policies formulated by the government may pertain to fiscal, legal, societal, monetary or other such important
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ICC was formed in 2002 following the ratification of the agreement made by approximately 60 countries. It has its headquarters in The Hague and Netherlands and acts as a last resort in prosecuting heinous offenses where national
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the support of the legislative branch.


Consisting of the president, vice president, and cabinet departments, the executive branch implements and executes laws. As a head of state and commander-in-chief of the armed forces, the president possesses the power to appoint heads of federal agencies and the cabinet. …
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The 3 branches of US government essay example
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