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Government: Administration in the Political System

The researcher of this essay aims to analyze and discuss the issue of bureaucracy and primary reasons to control ‘bureaucracy’, that rests on the assumption that as an institutional monolith it possesses a structural, functional independence, which manifests itself in the bureaucracy’s pursuit of interests, other than the politically defined; ‘public interest’. The resultant implication presented in the essay is that Bureaucracy is ‘inefficient’. The control of bureaucracy effectively translates in to increasing efficiency. There seems to be no other rational explanation for ‘controlling’ bureaucracy in a democratic system. The ‘efficiency factor’ then will be analyzed by the researcher as the core value of bureaucratic functionalism and how various reform efforts have been directed to increase this efficiency. In this regard reference will be made to Taylorian Managerialism, and the New Public Management spurred RIGO initiative of Clinton Administration Federal Bureaucracy in USA. It can be therefore argued that political control is manifested through ensuring an efficient bureaucracy. It is also argued that a degree of operational independence for managing a modern state apparatus. Moreover, it is also argued that rule framework should be kept. However, loosely as an institutional linkage between politicians and bureaucracy due to its impersonal nature. It is then concluded that the new bureaucracy should work under a written code of rules, which should define operational and jurisdictional spheres. ...
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This essay seeks the answer to questions on bureaucracy in politics and Government, analyzing the structural construct of bureaucracy in a democratic polity and the raison-de-etre for controlling bureaucracy, presumably through the political oversight and accountability matrix. …
Author : scorkery

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