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U.S. & Japanese Economy

This paper discusses the economic relationship between the United States and Japan emphasizing the time frame of the 1980's decade.

Japan is an island with 127.4 million inhabitants who enjoy a gross domestic product per capita of $31,267 and one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world (CultureGrams, 2008). The good standards of living the Japanese enjoy in the 21st century are due to the economic strategies the government of Japan and the prime minister selected in 1982, Nakausone Yasushiro, help built. The economic cooperation between the two nations was influenced by the willingness of Japan to help the United States establish diplomatic relations with various Asian such as Pakistan and Turkey. This opens the doors for the Japanese to increase its level of imports to the United States. The United worldwide had been building up trade deficits with many nations due to their high level of involvement in international affairs and mainly because of the consumerism of its people promoted by the same capitalistic system its government build. The Japanese yen gained a lot of value in relation to the US dollar which helped Japan purchased many goods including high-tech machinery and plenty of inventory and supplies along with other intellectual technological transfers that was instrumental in Japanese economic model of using innovation to dominate the technological marketplace. ...
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The Japanese invasion on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 set forth a chain of events which led to one of the most horrific events in human history, Hiroshima. The clear bomb that exploded in Hiroshima, Japan destroyed the island's economy and natural resources…
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