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The US. V. Mexican War

In the end, it may be said that Grant's statement of an unjust war was either warranted, or not warranted at all. The purpose of this assignment will to do just what Grant addresses. Uncover whether or not, through the eyes of various sources, try and uncover whether or not the US v. Mexican, or also known as the Mexican-American, War was one which was just in occurring, or should not have occurred in the first place.
In addressing this conflict, it is crucial to understand its roots. It would be during this war that Mexico would loose control over what we know as present day California, all the way to Texas. According to "The Us-Mexican War" website, the war would last between the two nations from 1846 until 1848. It is in this website which readers can view different details about various war participants, and hopefully be able to conjure up an opinion(s) of their own about whether or not Grant was right about whether or not this war was just or unjust.
The first line of the Manifest Destiny section is very telling. It states, "No nation ever existed without some sense of national destiny or purpose," (Manifest: Intro). In a way alludes to the idea of a destiny being fulfilled for both Mexico, as well as the United States. ...
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Looking at the current military conflict as of late in Iraq, it's hard not to draw comparisons between that and Grant's quote of, "the most unjust war ever waged by a stronger (nation) against a weaker nation." which he talked of in his memoirs. This kind of thinking is common during wartime situation…
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