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AIDS: the most political epidemic of our times - Essay Example

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Author : kilbackmarshall


The paper gives some informative answers to the burning questions of our society about the most political epidemic of our times - AIDS. The epidemic on an infectious disease is not only caused by the infectious agent; it is also the resultant of the social, political, economic, and infrastructural failures…

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AIDS: the most political epidemic of our times

With the epidemic spread of the disease, the researchers, epidemiologists, and healthcare professionals were in dire necessity of funds to develop tools to contain the disease, but they were denied funds due mainly to political lobbyists. When a statement from the government would have oriented people to the appropriate directions, rather than effective leadership to consolidate the approaches against AIDS, the authority took an unscientific standpoint to relate AIDS to particular sexual behaviors. This was a politically directed move to discriminate against people with AIDS. The government rather than concentrating on preventive measures or AIDS education, being politically mobilized by the born-again Christian Republican conservatives embraced a deeply reactionary social move.When the government chose to take steps, by that time AIDS was established epidemic in USA.
B. The outbreak of SARS was the result of ineffective government policies at the national level, mainly due to economic reasons. Normal domestic response to an emerging epidemic should be effective gathering of information and transmission of that data to appropriate specialists to assess that. Fears that disclosure of SARS would affect tourism and business and danger that both of these would affect economy, made China to make a delayed disclosure of this atypical illness. This delay had already caused the spread of the disease until the attention of the international community was attracted to this. The economic interests caused lack on transparency by the Chinese Government. ...
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