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Role of Political Parties in Japan

The Japanese political system has been subject to various political changes since the time the constitutional government has emerged. Political Parties emerged in Japan after the Meiji restoration in 1868. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica after 1868 a number of political parties emerged and some of them did get some share in forming the government. According to Hayes the first political party was founded in 1874 and the second one in 1882. The first party was called “Liberal Party’ and the second one kept on changing its name and finally settled as the Democratic Party. As stated in Encyclopedia Britannica there was a period of inactivity among political parties in the 1930s and 40s due to the war. However total liberty for the formation of political parties was given after the promulgation of the 1947 constitution. Strict rules were followed and any organization which expressed its wish to nominate a person for political posts was to be registered as a political party. As such Japan saw thousands of political parties out of which only a few managed to get a place in the spot light. At present there are five major political parties in Japan.
Political system in Japan is based on the leadership provided by the Liberal Democratic Party and the opposition by other parties. Japan owes its success to the policies adopted by the LDP. Indeed LDP has made Japan an economic success on the map of the world. Today Japan is an important member of all the important organizations of the world. Its worth is valued all over and it is all due to the successful policies of the LDP. Other opposition parties have to work hard to bring about a real change in the Japanese political system. ...
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This paper aims to discuss the political parties in Japan. It intends to briefly discuss their historical back ground and their role in the Japanese political system. Towards the end It will discuss in detail the role of the ruling and the opposition parties and the significant impact they make on the Japanese political system…
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